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Experimental Fiction Short Film

Director – Writer – Animator

This experimental short film seeks to create alternative readings of reality mediated by a technological approach. Technology has become almost omnipresent, it mediates our experience of the world impacting dramatically our ways of working, learning, socially interacting, among others.

Common Mirrors (2021)

Documentary Short Film

Director – Editor

A documentary that narrates trans women living at the Pacific Coast, Puntarenas, Costa Rica their lives, and how they struggle with their mental health while trying to survive in a world that contravenes their existences constantly. The documentary is narrated by them and for them.

Oficial short film competition at the International Film Festival of Costa Rica 2022.


Smell of Coconut and Jasmine (2021)

Fiction Short Film

Director -Writer – Editor

After an accident, a woman loses her memory. Since then, she has been talking to her other self looking for answers, until one day she remembers something unexpectedly. This short film was part of the International SHNIT Short Film Festival and of Central American Show of Film Made by Women .


Tálamo (2021)

Fiction Short Film

Co-director – Co-writer – Audiovisual Coodinator – Scriptwriter

Tálamo is a short film that talks about body identities, transhumanism, affections and postgender theory, all in the journey of a virtual character through different worlds where they explores their own identity. It is the winner project of the National University of Costa Rica Interdisciplinary Initiatives, that was co-created with the “En Fuga” collective.

Awards: Experimental Film, Gold Prize at the International Film Festival of Veracruz


In between gray hairs and memories (2020)

Documentary Short Film

Director of Photography

Documentary short film about three elderly women with completely different lives, united by the same common: They are at risk due to the 2020 pandemic. They do not have access to technology in juncture where the only way to communicate with the others is through mobile phones, internet, computers and Zoom meetings.


Artists Want to Make Art no More (2020)

Poetic Documentary Short Film

Director – Writer

Portrait of artists and filmmakers in a pandemic, resisting, creating, de- spite the fact that all circumstances play against them, despite the abandonment from the government to cinema and culture, despite not having the resources and living in a country that punishes those who dare to dedicate themselves to art, even more so as an emerging artist.