Poesía Sexánime (2022)

Set of 10 collages that illustrate the book Poesía Sexánime by the Costa Rican author and poet, Roberto André Acuña.

Daily Surrealism (2019)

Set of approximately 17 digital and analog photographs that seek to experiment dialogues between multiples forms of “reality” as a concept, while challenging it with color palette alterations.

Wear (2019)

Reflections of time and movement through the body. Photography is the closest and tangible form of time. What happens when we play with time and space through an image? We create new understandings of time.

Here I live (2018)

Work that identifies the resignifications made by public and private discourses of the female body.

Social Nightmares (2018 -2020)

The following collages seek to portray different social nightmares through symbolism, realism and magical realism .